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First the Bonnievale area suffered three years of drought causing hardship in the agricultural sector which affected the employment opportunities of our disadvantaged community – resulting in the non-payment of the minimal school fees and drastically affecting our income from fundraising events in the local community.

And then is rained in 2020, BUT the Covid pandemic happened almost at the same time -and restrictions were enforced on social gatherings putting an end to the possibility of any fundraising functions.

The effect of the restrictions on liquor sales was disastrous for the wine producing sector as a whole and the impact on the employment opportunities for seasonal workers on the farms as well as at the wine cellars was devastating, even for permanently employed workers This caused the further non-payment of school fees.

The subsidy from the Department of Social Development simply cannot cover the running costs of operating a preschool centre for 166 children who must be fed 2½ meals per day, being supplied with all their stationery and educational accessories, having all the Covid-safety regulations adhered to and paying 14 staff members.

The hardships caused by the covid pandemic has also depleted the CSI funds, as well as the reserves of many other funders. The priority for all has shifted to emergency feeding schemes and protection against the severe cold. This situation really leaves NPOs who are not registered as an “emergency service” in the cold, despite the reality that caring for 166 children from an impoverished, unemployed community is in fact a service which prevents emergencies.


If financially possible, would you not kindly consider assisting us to continue delivering excellent services to our 166 children – whatever contribution in cash or kind is highly appreciated.

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