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Bonnievale is in the Western Cape on Route 62, a very popular destination for tourists.

The area is known for its many wine cellars which produce award-winning wines and fruit for the export market.

While the farming operations require a large labour force during the harvesting time, the employment is totally seasonal. In Bonnievale only 41% of the non-white community have permanent employment, almost exclusively in the agricultural sector, while 9% find seasonal jobs. The remaining 50% rely on grants from the government (statistics from Badisa.) An enormous percentage of these receivers of grants are single mothers of whom just too many are teenagers who fell pregnant. Because of the lack of education and skills, they have no chance of entering the labour market.

We deal with a severely disadvantaged, impoverished  non-white community where one is confronted with many challenges: alcohol and drug dependency, disintegrated families, overcrowded small homes, HIV/Aids, TB, malnutrition, low literacy, high drop-out levels from school, an alarming number of teenage pregnancies, sexual offences and teenagers who are trying to find their identity and acceptance through gang-related activities.

The community has lost all sense of self-confidence and self-worth and have a sense of hopelessness. They simply do not believe that life can be any better. Adult education and training facilities are needed so that individuals have the opportunity to develop and empower themselves.

In a study sanctioned by government on the violent nature of crime in South Africa, it was concluded that the dysfunctional nature of households was a major contributor to the state of affairs. It was found that the lack of intact family structures and the enormous percentage of single mothers raising children, especially boys, on their own, was a breeding ground for criminals. In such an environment boys tend to grow up with anger and resentment towards society. When they come into direct confrontation with a victim, all the bottled up emotions are unleashed and result in a violent criminal act.

Rudolph Zinn did research  for his book “Home Invasion” (Tafelberg) amongst young prisoners and came to the same conclusion. He found that 70% of case studies grew up in broken homes without a father, and 80% dropped out of school and did not have secondary school education.

In the light of these findings and the shocking realities, we have  the “perfect mix of circumstances” here in Bonnievale to breed a whole new generation of criminally-inclined individuals.

Help us to break this curse over this community who did not choose to be born into such conditions.


PBO930038356 : Section 18A(1)(a) approved.

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