The Academy for Leadership and Creativity

 also known as Vangnet : translated, the life net

This division of the Foundation endeavours to be a life net preventing youths from tumbling over the edge of life, by means of empowerment with hard and life skills.

Due to the socio-economic structure and psycho-social aspect of the community, too many youths just give up on life.


An alarming percentage of scholars do not get beyond Grade 9, because of the lack of any early childhood foundation, low literacy within the family and where unstable home circumstances is the norm. The drop-out statistics are frightening.

These young people fall prey to gang-related activity, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and crime.  The Langeberg Region has the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the world which gives one an indication of the kind of challenges that is faced in the youth sector. (aged 14 - 35 years)

(Read more about fetal alcohol syndrome, FAS, on the website

The Academy for Leadership and Creativity is where miracles happens - two streams of programmes are currently offered to the youth of the community: Visual and performing arts.  Through these programmes the youth have opportunities whereby they can access tools and skills to develop and empower themselves.   To create something attractive and useful gives any human being a feeling of achievement.

This is the starting point and from here one can gradually progress towards self-image and self-confidence and eventually hope for the future.
This process of creating something takes each student through various processes including conceptualising, planning, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking and execution of a plan.
Once a student has tasted success, it is so much easier to accept another challenge.

And this is where the Foundation wants to take every one of these young people, they must start to believe in themselves and be prepared to accept responsibility for their own lives.

Milestones in The Academy for Leadership and Creativity's visual arts programme include: visual art students exhibiting and selling their sculptures at the Mogalakwena Craft Art Gallery in Cape Town, the Academy collaborating with the Western Cape Community Chest whereby visual art students exhibited and sold their sculpture items to the wider local public and tourists visiting the City.  

Visual art students were also invited by the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust to exhibit a life-sized sculpture at their annual year-long outdoor sculpture exhibition.

Latest successes in The Academy for Leadership and Creativity's performing arts programme include: the establishment of the Community Theatre whereby the performing arts students provide healthy and educational entertainment to the community.  
The performing arts students have also competed in the Cape Winelands Drama Festival for 3 years in succesion, performed at the well-known Suid-Oosterfees at the Artscape and at the Zabalaza Baxter Theatre Festival where the drama group received various awards as well as the KKNK in Oudtshoorn

Puppetry: A group of students combined their craft art skills with drama and made a family of puppets with whom they gave various performances, amongsst others awereness campaigns for Hospice and The Department of Education in the Cape Winelands District.


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