Bonnievale Gemeenskaps-Omgeegroep


The Foundation’s contribution towards the 2018 National Women’s Day celebrations, was a community dialogue for women facilitated by Jolene Naude: CPCC, MSc (Psychology); MSc (Comparative Politics – Political Economy), Founding member of NoNameInitiative Dialogue Institute.


This internationally renowned expert facilitator communicated with the hearts of our community’s women. At the community feed-back session two weeks later, the need for a community care group was identified. From this consensus the founding of the “Bonnievale Gemeenskaps- Omgeegroep” was birthed.


The primary objective of this group which is open to any caring member of the Bonnievale community, is to first of all, lobby for a permanent social worker in the community who will be available daily to address the trauma which happens in this community constantly, as well as finding suitable premises where all the assisting services can be facilitated.


The “ Bonnievale Gemeenskaps-Omgeegroep” is in the process to be registered as an NPO.

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