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Our Early Childhood Development operations is experiencing a cashflow crisis for the first time in the eleven years of its existence. The centre has grown gradually in numbers over the years, until it reached the maximum capacity of 166 children between the ages of 3 and 5 last year, which could be managed well.

On account of the effect of the severe drought experienced in this region over the past three years, as well as a decline in the consumption of canned fruit internationally, Ashton Canning factory was forced to closing permanently at the end of 2018. This move had disastrous repercussions for the seasonal workers in Bonnievale, which include the 140 unemployed single mothers of our 166 children (only 25 of our children have permanently employed parents!) These seasonal workers managed to pay most of their financial obligations for the year from their earnings of the few months in the canning factory. This year the possibilities for seasonal employment are virtually non-existent. Due to mechanisation on the wine farms, harvest time is also no more a seasonal employment option. The first two months of the school year brought the harsh reality home: the 140 unemployed mothers will not be able to make any financial contribution to the budget this year.

The afore mentioned situation also reduces our hopes for the annual profitable fundraising events within our community to worries around the realities of remaining fully functional on a drastically reduced budget. We are faced with the situation that we feed 166 children 2½ nutritious meals per day – now even more essential with the hungry mothers at home. It is critical to find the R22000-00 per month food expenditure somewhere outside of our budget for the year.

The Board of Directors decided to establish a LAMMEROES SUSTAINABILITY FUND for which we opened a separate banking account with ABSA Bank.

We make a special appeal on SOUTH AFRICANS WORKING ABROAD to sacrifice 100 of their local currency per month to sustain the food budget for the children for the duration of this year, after which we hope for more stability within the government’s budget. We also request local South Africans to forward this Appeal to their friends and family living abroad.

With the deepest appreciation and gratitude,

Petro McDonald: Founder, Executive Director and Fulltime Volunteer since February 2008.

Named a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International in 2017

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